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Overbrook, Norfolk, VA 23513-4100
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Updated 3:10:03 PM EDT Thursday, Sep 4, 2014
Data Currently Today's Max Today's Min Today's Average
Temperature 82.3°F27.9°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C
Dew Point 75.1°F23.9°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C 0.0°F-17.8°C
Winds Calm Calm Calm Calm CalmCalm CalmCalm
Wind Gusts -- -- -- --
Humidity 79% 0% 0% 0%
Pressure 30.12 in1020.0 mb 0.00 in0.0 mb 0.00 in0.0 mb 0.00 in0.0 mb
Precipitation 0.00 in0.0 mm - - 0.00 in0.0 mm
Station Profile
OverbrookNorfolk, VA 23513-4100

Lat: 36.875, Lon: -76.244
Elevation: 20
Station Type: Davis Vantage Pro 2

Detailed Summary for Tue, Sep 16, 2014
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