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Steps to building your own weather station

Like thousands of people, you want to know what the weather is where you are.  After all, you don�t live at the airport!  And the closest �official� station could be thirty or more miles away, thousands of feet different in altitude.  How relevant is that information to you?

Also, you�d like to be a local hero by displaying your data on the Internet so other people in your town can enjoy the benefits of local weather and shower you with praises for your service (ok, probably not).

It really can be simpler than you may think (or may have been told).  Will it take thousands of dollars to buy equipment?  No.  Are you going to have to pay exorbitant license fees every year just to use the weather station and software?  Absolutely not.  Do you need to be an electronics wizard or meteorologist to do this?  Positively no.  Will you have to run miles of wires and drill holes in your house to install the station?  Not necessarily.  Do you need to spend a lot of money every month to have it on the Internet?  No more than you�re already paying for Internet service.  Will you make large sums of money by selling ads on your site?  Most likely not, so don�t quit your day job.

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