Personal & Home Weather Stations
Individuals, companies and other organizations around the world have become the weather information providers for their areas.  Tens of thousands of personal weather stations tell what the weather is where people are, not at the closest airport which may be many miles away.  And many people share their information through our personal weather station network.  In partnership with HAMweather, near real time readings from these devices are displayed on the map below and with local forecasts on

If you're interested in becoming the weather center for your area, click here for more information.

When you're ready to buy a weather station, we recommend clicking here for a selection from our friends at Ambient Weather.

Click here if you already have a weather station and want to join our network.

As you browse the map below, use the controls in the upper left corner of the map to zoom in and reveal more stations in an area.  Click, hold and drag the map to move around the world.  Clicking on any of the "temperature balloons" will show more details from that station and other links to click for more information.  If a station has their own web site, we recommend bookmarking it and returning to it for all your local weather needs.  These people live in your area, appreciate you visiting their sites and are glad to share their interest in your local weather.