Neighborhood Weather: Airports near Columbus, IN  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Aerobatic Practice Anderson Arthur Atterbury Field (camp Atterbury)
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Beck Berry Field Best Lock Corp Airstrip Bluebird
Bronson Brunnemer Buell Burkes
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Canarys Cherry Hill Clay Hill Farms Cliburn
Columbus Muni Cooper   
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Donica Field    
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Eagle Creek Airpark    
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Farm Strip Fischer Field Foltz Farm Francis
Franklin Flying Field Freeman Muni Frost Field  
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Gardner Giltner Gray Greener Pastures
Greensburg-decatur County Greenwood Muni   
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Hangar Fly Ultralight Fly Club (Ultralight Airport) Hardin Harrod-rose Hendricks County-gordon Graham Fld
Henneman Hillenbrand Industries Hodges  
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Indianapolis Brookside Airpark Indianapolis Intl   
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Jack Oak Josephs Field Jungclaus  
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Kay Air Kenstin Manor   
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Lake Monroe (Seaplane Base) Lee Bottom Lewis Airfield Litzinger (Ultralight Airport)
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Madison Muni Marshall Field Mc Daniels Field Mc Neil Field
Mcminn Mershon Miles Field Milhon
Monroe County Morgan Airfield Morris Mount Comfort
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Nasby North Vernon Nulltown Wingnuts (Ultralight Airport)  
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Oakes Field Orleans   
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Pams Place Parkinson Patrum Field Pherigo
Pope Field Porter Field (Ultralight Airport) Post-air Pruss
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Salem Muni Sanders Gyroport Sauer-harter Schoettmer Farm
Scottsburg Shearer (Stolport) Shelbyville Muni Shenandoah Flying Fld
Siefert Smith Solenberg Speedway
Stevens Farms Stewart Field Strietelmeier Flying Field  
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Thorn Field Timber Trails Twelve Oaks  
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Virgil I Grissom Muni    
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Wallace Field Webster Weston Farm Whelen
Wilkersons Willcox Willis Willis Airport Site No. 2
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