Neighborhood Weather: Lakes & Reservoirs near Newport State Airport, RI  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Allens Pond Almy Pond Annaquatucket Mill Pond Annaquatucket Reservoir
Asa Pond    
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Barber Pond Bellefont Pond Belleville Pond Black Rock Reservoir
Blackamore Pond Bleachery Pond Bleachery Ponds Boat House Gully
Brickyard Pond Bull Head Pond Burrs Pond  
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Canonchet, Lake Capwell Millpond Card Ponds Carr Pond
Carr Pond Cedar Dell Lake Cedar Island Pond Cedar Swamp Pond
Cockeast Pond Cole River Pond Conley Pond Cook Pond
Cook Pond Copicut Reservoir Cornell Pond Crab Pond
Cranberry Pond Creamer Pond Crescent Lake Cunliff Lake
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Davol Pond Dawley Pond Deep Spring Lake Devol Pond
Duck Cove Duck Pond   
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Easton Pond Echo Lake Edgewood Lake Edwards Pond
Elm Lake    
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Factory Pond Fenner Pond Firestone Pond Flat River Reservoir
Flat Top Pond Fones Pond Forge Pond Fox Hill Pond
Fresh Pond Fresh Water Pond Frys Pond  
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Gardiner Pond Georges Pond Glen Rock Reservoir Gorton Pond
Grays Mill Pond Grays Mill Pond Great Swamp Goose Marsh Green End Pond
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Hallville Pond Harold E Watson Reservoir High Hill Reservoir Hot House Pond
Hundred Acre Pond Huron Pond   
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Indian Lake Indian Run Reservoir Ishmael Lake  
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Jamestown Reservoir Jenkins Pond Jenny Pond John L Curran Lower Reservoir
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Kettle Hole Pond    
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Lake Mishnock Larkin Pond Lawton Valley Reservoir Lewin Brook Pond
Lewin Brook Pond Lily Pond Lily Pond Little Huron Pond
Little Neck Pond Little Pond Little Wash Pond Long Pond
Long Pond    
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Maple Lake Maple Root Pond Mashapaug Pond Matteson Pond
Melville Ponds Metcalf Wildlife Marsh Middle Dam Pond Milford Pond
Mill Pond Mill Pond Mill Pond Millbrook Pond
Mishnock, Lake Money Pond Money Swamp Pond Mount Hope Pond
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Nag Pond Nannaquaket Pond Natick Pond Natick Pond
Nelson Pond Nonquit Pond Noquochoke Lake  
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Oak Hill Pond Old Grist Mill Pond   
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Pasquiset Pond Pawtuxet River Pawtuxet River Pawtuxet River
Pawtuxet River Pawtuxet River Pawtuxet River-south Branch Peace Dale Reservoir
Pearce Pond Peddlers Pond Phelps Pond Point Judith Pond
Polo Lake Posneganset Pond Potowomut Pond Potowomut Pond
Potter Pond Prince Pond   
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Quicksand Pond    
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Ralphs Pond Rathbon Pond Reynolds Pond Richmond Hill
Richmond Pond Rocky Brook Reservoir Rodman Mill Pond Roosevelt Lake
Round Pond Round Pond Rum Pond  
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Saint Marys Pond Saint Marys Pond Sand Pond Sandhill Pond
Saugatucket Pond Saw Mill Pond Sawdy Pond Secret Lake
Shad Factory Pond Silver Lake Silver Spring Lake Simmons Pond
Sisson Pond Slocum Reservoir Somerset Reservoir South Watuppa Pond
Spectacle Pond Spectacle Ponds Sprague Pond Spring Green Pond
Stafford Pond Sweet Pond   
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Tarbox Pond Terry Brook Pond The Reservoir Thirty Acre Pond
Three Ponds Tiogue Lake Town Pond Town Pond
Trustom Pond Tucker Pond Tunipus Pond Turner Pond
Turtle Pond    
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Upper Dam Pond Upper Pond   
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Volpes Pond    
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Warren Reservoir Warren Reservoir Warren Reservoir Upper Warwick Pond
Wash Pond Watch House Pond Watson Reservoir Watuppa Pond
Wertz And Viall Pond Wesquage Pond Westend Pond White Pond
Willett Pond Worden Pond   
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