Neighborhood Weather: Lakes & Reservoirs near Annandale, MN  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Abbie Lake Albert Lake Albion Lake Angus Lake
Ann, Lake Arvilla, Lake Augusta, Lake  
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Bass Lake Beaver Dam Lake Beaver Lake Berthiaume Lake
Bertram Lake Bertram Lake Betsy, Lake Big Swan Lake
Birch Lake Birch Lake Black Lake Black Lake
Briggs Lake Brooks Lake Bucks Lake Buffalo Lake
Bunt Lake Butler Lake Butternut Lake Butternut Lake
Byer Lake    
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Camp Lake Camp Lake Carnelian Lake Caroline, Lake
Carrigan Lake Carter Lake Cedar Lake Cedar Lake
Cedar Lake Clear Lake Clear Lake Clearwater Lake
Clitty Lake Cokato Lake Collins Lake Collinwood Lake
Collinwood Lake Constance Lake Coon Lakes Cornell Lake
Crawford Lake Crescent Lake Crooked Lake  
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Dahlgren Slough Dallas Lake Dans Lake Darwin, Lake
Days Lake Dean Lake Deer Lake Doerfler Lake
Dog Lake Duffy Lake Dunns Lake Dutch Lake
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Eagle Lake Edwards Lake Eilers Lake Elk Lake
Ember Lake Emma, Lake   
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Fadden Lake Feldges Lake Fink Lake First Lake
Fish Lake Fountain Lake Francis, Lake French Lake
Fuller Lake    
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Gilchrist Lake Goble Lake Goodners Lake Goose Lake
Goose Lake Grand Lake Granite Lake Grass Lake
Grass Lake Green Mountain Lake   
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Hanon Lake Hart Lake Henshaw Lake Hidden Lake
Hinz Lake Howard Lake Hulbert Lake  
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Ida Lake Indian Lake Island Lake  
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John, Lake Jones Lake Julia Lake Junkins Lake
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Kerkela Lake Knaus Lake   
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Lake Marie Landis Lake Lauzers Lake Light Foot Lake
Limestone Lake Little John Lake Little Lake Little Mud Lake
Little Pulaski Lake Little Rock Lake Little Spring Lake Little Swan Lake
Little Waverly Lake Little Waverly Lake Locke Lake Long Lake
Long Lake Long Lake Long Lake Long Lake
Louisa, Lake Lura, Lake   
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Mains Lake Malardi Lake Mallard Pass Lake Mallard Pass Lake
Maple Lake Maple Lake Maria Lake Maria Lake
Marie Lake Marie, Lake Mary Lake Mary Lake
Mary, Lake Mary, Lake Maxim Lake Maynard Lake
Mead Lake Milky Lake Millstone Lake Mink Lake
Mink Lake Mississippi River Reservoir Moose Lake Mosford Lake
Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake
Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Lake
Mud Lake Mund Lake Murray Lake  
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Nixon Lake North Buckley Lake North Lake North Lake
North Twin Lake    
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Otter Lake    
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Paradise Lake Park Lake Pearl Lake Pelican Lake
Pickerel Lake Pickerel Lake Pigeon Lake Pleasant Lake
Pleasant Lake Pohl Lake Powers Lake Prairie Lake
Pulaski, Lake    
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Quinn Lake    
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Ramsey Lake Ramsey Lake Rausch Lake Rice Lake
Rice Lake Richardson Lake Rock Lake Rockville Lake
Rohrbeck Lake Round Lake Rush Lake  
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Sandy Lake Schackman Lake Schmidt Lake School Lake
School Section Lake School Section Lake Scott Lake Sellards Lake
Shakopee Lake Shelden Lake Sheridan Lake Silver Lake
Slough Lake Smith Lake Somers Lake South Buckley Lake
South Twin Lake Spencer Lake Spring Lake Spring Lake
Stella, Lake Stevens Lake Stickney Lake Strand Lake
Sugar Lake Sullivan Lake Swan Lake Swart Watts Lake
Swartout Lake Sylvia, East Lake Sylvia, West Lake  
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Tamarack Lake Taylor Lake Thompson Lake Turtle Lake
Twin Lake Twin Lakes   
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Union, Lake    
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Varner Lake Vokaty-yonak Reservoir   
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Warner Lake Washington Lake Washington, Lake Waverly Lake
Weigand Lake West Lake White, Lake Willow Lake
Wolf Lake Wood Lake   
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