Neighborhood Weather: Lakes & Reservoirs near Clifton, NJ  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Adams Lake Adler Pool Alexanders Pond Ames, Lake
Anona Lake Antrim, Lake Arrowhead Lake  
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Baker Pond Barbour Pond Barbour Pond Basking Reservoir
Bear Swamp Lake Bear Swamp Lake Bee Meadow Pond Birchwood Lake
Bloodgoods Pond Bogert Pond Bogues Pond Boonton Reservoir
Boy Scout Lake Briant Pond Bridge Pond Brooks Lake
Browns Pond Brushwood Pond Bubbling Spring Lake Bunker Pond
Butchers Pond Butler Pond Butler Reservoir Butler Reservoir
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Cable Lake Caille Lake Cameron Lake Camp Hlond Reservoir
Campbells Pond Cannonball Lake Canns Lake Canoe Brook Reservoir Number 2
Canoe Brook Reservoir Number 1 Canoe Brook Reservoir Number One Canoe Brook Reservoir Number Two Cantys Lake
Carters Pond Cedar Grove Reservoir Cedar Lake Charlotteburg Reservoir
Clark Pond Clarks Pond Clots Lake Clove Lake
Cold Spring Lake Coles Pond Commonwealth Water Company Reservoir Number Three Connoley Lake
Conrad Pond Cooks Pond Cooks Pond Cooper Lake
Cooper Pond Cooper Pond Country Club Ponds Cranberry Pond
Crestmere Lake Crestwood Lake Crestwood Lake Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Cupsaw Lake  
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Dahnerts Lake Darlington Lake Dators Pond De Yoe Pond
Deer Pond Diamond Mill Pond Diamond Springs Pond Dixons Pond
Duck Pond Dundee Lake Durham Pond  
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East Lake Echo Lake Echo Lake Egbert Lake
Emma, Lake    
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Fayson Lakes Forest Hill Lake Forge Pond Fountain Spring Lake
Foxs Pond Franklin Lake   
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Garden Pond Garrison Pond Gatun Pond Genaders Pond
Glasmere Ponds Glen Wild Lake Gordon Lakes Grasmere Lake
Grassy Sprain Reservoir Great Bay Great Notch Reservoir Grebe Pond
Green Brook Pond Green Pond Griffith Pond  
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Hackensack Reservoir Number One Hackensack Reservoir Number Two Haledon Reservoir Hands Lake
Harlem Meer Harrison Mountain Lake Hartung Lake Havemeyer Reservoir
Hendricks Pond Henion Pond Hidden Valley Lake High Crest Lake
Highland Lake Hillburn Reservoir Hillview Reservoir Hinchman Pond
Holstein Lake Hood Pond Hoot Owl Lake Hopkins Lake
Hoppers Lake Hughes Lake   
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Idlewild, Lake Indian Lake Indian Lake Indian Trail Lake
Intervale, Lake Island Lake   
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Jacksons Pond Jaqui Pond Jays Pond Jerome Park Reservoir
Johns Lake    
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Kakeout Reservoir Kells Pond Kings Pond Kingsland Lake
Kitchell Lake Kohlers Pond   
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Lake Ames Lake Erskine Lake Estling Lake Hiawatha
Lake Inez Lake Iosco Lake Juliet Lake Kampfe
Lake Montowac Lake Parsippany Lake Pocahontas Lake Reality
Lake Rickonda Lake Sonoma Lake Surprise Lake Tamarack
Lake Tappan Lake Telemark Lake Tumble-in Lake Valhalla
Lake Vreeland Lake Washington Lake, The Laurel Lake
Lawlin Pond Lindy Lake Lionhead Lake Little Mitten Lake
Lotz Pond Lower Blauvelt Lake Lower Morse Lake Lower Mount Glen Lake
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Ma-he-go, Lake Macmillan Reservoir Macopin Reservoir Manor Lake
Maple Lake Maple Lake Martins Lake Martling Lake
Matthews Lake Mcdonalds Ponds Meadow Brook Lake Meadow Lake
Meyers Lakes Middlesex Reservoir Mill Pond Milton Lake
Mirror Lake Mirror Lake Mirror Pond Monsey Lake
Moores Pond Morse Lakes Mount Glen Lakes Mount Tabor Lake
Mountain Lake Mountain Springs Lake   
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New Street Reservoir North Pond Nosenzo Pond  
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Oakwood Lake Ohrback Lake Old Mill Pond Oldham Pond
Oradell Reservoir Orange Reservoir   
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Packanack Lake Parsons Pond Patex Pond Pelham Lake
Penners Lake Pfisters Pond Pine Lake Pine Lake
Pines Lake Piscatells Pond Point View Reservoir Pompton Lake
Pond, The Pool, The Potake Pond Potake Pond
Powder Mill Pond Prospect Park Lake Pulis Pond  
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Rainbow Lakes Ramapo Lake Rambaut Lake Reed Pond
Reservoir Number Three Reservoir Number Two Ricabear, Lake Ridgewood Reservoir
Ringwood Mill Pond Rock Ridge Lake Roveres Lake  
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San Jacinto Lake Sawmill Pond Scarletelli Pond Schlegel Lake
Seeleys Pond Shackamaxon Lake Shadow Lake Shady Lake
Sheffield Pond Sheppard Pond Silver Lake Silver Lake
Silver Lake Silver Lake Reservoir Skyline Lakes Smith Pond
South Pond Speedwell Lake Splitrock Reservoir Spring Lake
Spring Lake Spring Pond Stanley M Levine Reservoir Star Lake
Stephens Lake Stephens Ponds Stickle Pond Storm Pond
Stump Pond Sturr Pond Sunset Lake Sunset Lake
Sunset Lake Suntan Lake Suraci Pond Surprise Lake
Swan Pond Swins Ponds   
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Tarn, The Taylor Lake Taylortown Reservoir Terrace Lake
Todd Lake Toms Lake Twilliger Lake Twin Lakes
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Untermeyer Lake Upper Blauvelt Lake Upper Erskine Lake Upper Morse Lake
Upper Mount Glen Lake    
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Valentine Pond Valley Lake Valley Lake Valley Spring Lake
Van Cortlandt Lake Van Gelders Pond Van Nostrand Lake Van Winkles Pond
Vanderbush Lake Verona Lake Vincent, Lake Vitale Pond
Vreeland Pond    
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Walker Pond Walrus Pond Wanaque Reservoir Weequahic Lake
West Lake Western Reservoir Weyble Pond White Meadow Lake
Whites Lake Wild Duck Pond Wildwood Lake Willow Lake
Willow Lake Winters Pond Wonder Lake Woodcliff Lake
Woodland Lake Woodlawn Lake Wyckoff Lake  
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Yantacaw Pond    
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