Neighborhood Weather: Lakes & Reservoirs near Medford, OR  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Agate Reservoir    
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Barrats Reservoir Barton Reservoir Big Lake Billings Reservoir
Bingham Reservoir Black Swan Lake Blair Reservoir Bounds Reservoir
Bradshaw Reservoir Bradshaw Reservoir Number Two Brockway Reservoir Brown Reservoir
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Cable Reservoir Cedars, Lake Of The Chapman Lake Chirgwin Reservoir
Cold Springs Reservoir Corp Reservoirs Coulter Reservoir Number One Coulter Reservoir Number Two
Crowson Reservoir    
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Dean Reservoir Del Rio Reservoir Despain Reservoir  
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Emigrant Lake Estramado Reservoir   
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F P Number One Reservoir F-p Reservoir Francis L Reservoir  
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Gammill Reservoir Gardener Reservoir Gates Reservoir Gibson Reservoir
Gold Ray Reservoir Goodrich Reservoir Granger Reservoir Granite Street Reservoir
Gregory Reservoir Gribble Reservoir Guidottie Reservoir  
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Hammel Reservoir Harper Reservoir Harrison Reservoir Harrison Reservoir
Hefferman Reservoir Hilldale Reservoir Hixson Reservoir Holmes Reservoir
Hoover Pond Number One Hoover Pond Number Three Hoover Pond Number Two Hoover Reservoirs
Humphrey Reservoirs Hunt Reservoir Hunter-best Reservoirs  
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Ice House Lake    
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Jacksonville Reservoir James Reservoir   
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Kendall Slough Kerby Reservoir Kirkham Reservoir Koellner Reservoir
Korner Reservoir    
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La Marre Reservoir Lake Creek Reservoir Lakecreek Reservoir Larson Creek Reservoir
Lester James Reservoir Lester James Reservoir Number 3 Lomoha Reservoir Long Branch Reservoir
Lost Lake Lower Reservoir Lowry Reservoir  
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Mack Reservoir Magerly Reservoir Marlin Reservoir Martin Reservoir
Martin Reservoir Mayes Reservoir Mccollum Reservoir Mccormick Reservoir
Medco Number 3 Pond Merriman Reservoir Meyer Memorial Lake Military Slough Reservoirs
Minear Reservoir Modoc Pond Modoc Reservoirs Monogram Lakes
Moore Reservoir Morris Reservoir   
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Nelson Reservoir Nelson Reservoir Nygren Reservoir  
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Osborne Reservoir Owen Reservoir Owens Reservoir  
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Petrehn Reservoir Pierce Reservoir Price Reservoir  
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Quackenbush Reservoir    
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Reeder Reservoir Robinson Reservoir   
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Sams Valley Reservoir Schlesinger Reservoir Schmidt Reservoirs Secluded Lake Reservoir
Shale City Reservoirs Simpson Reservoir Sims Reservoir Skou Reservoir
Smith Reservoir Stanley Reservoir Star Lake Reservoir Straus Reservoir
Swaggerty Reservoir    
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Todd Reservoir Trammel Reservoir   
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Vincent Reservoirs    
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Wade Reservoir Weltman Reservoir Wertz Reservoirs Whetstone Pond
Winningham Reservoir Wiwona Reservoir Woodrat Knob Reservoir Woolfolk Reservoir
Woolfolk Reservoir Number Two    
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