Neighborhood Weather: Lakes & Reservoirs near Sumter, SC  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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Alderman Pond Ardis Pond Ardis Pond Ashwood Lake
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Barnett Pond Berry Pond Big Lake Big Lake
Black Crest Farm Pond Bland Lake Booths Pond Boykin Mill Pond
Boyle Pond Brushtop Lake Buckingham Landing Pond Burns Pond
Burnt Gin Lake    
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Cain Millpond Cain Pond Cains Mill Pond Campbell Pond
Cates Pond Christmas Mill Lake Corbitts Millpond Cove Lake
Culp Pond Curtis Millpond Cuttinumber Pond Cypress Lake
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Deep Hole Des Champs Pond Deschamps Big Pond Deschamps Middle Pond
Dinkins Millpond Dogwood Lake Dow Lake Drafts Pond
Dry Swamp Lake Dubose Pond Dubose Pond Duck Bottom Lake
Dunn Lakes Dwight Pond   
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Edna Ward Pond Ellerbees Millpond Elliots Pond Elliott Lake
English Millpond    
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Fox Tindal Pond Frierson Pond   
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Gillespie Pond Goodwill Lake Goodwill Pond Green Lake
Gulledge Pond    
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Harvin Pond Harvins Pond Hill Pond Holly Hill Lake
Hood Lake Hurricane Lake   
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Idle Wild Pond    
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Jack Hole Jones Pond   
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Korn Pond    
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Lake Cherryvale Lake View Pond Lakewood Lakewood Lake
Lakewood Pond Little Lake Loring Millpond Lower Deerwood Lake
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Mathis Pond Mattie Js Pond Mccray Lake Mccrays Lake
Mcduffie Pond Mcfaddens Pond Mcgrits Millpond Mcguirts Millpond
Mclaurin Pond Mclaurins Pond Mcleods Lower Pond Mcleods Pond
Mcleods Pond Mcleods Upper Pond Mikell Pond Mill Creek Park Pond
Minnie Deschamps Pond Montagues Pond Myers Lake  
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New Millpond Newell Pond Norsworthy Pond  
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Oakland Pond    
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Player Pond Players Pond Poinsett Park Lake Poinsett State Park Lake
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Rainbow Lake Ramsey Lake Reese Lake Retriever Training Pond
Revilles Pond Ross Pond Ruggs Lake  
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Sawmill Pond Second Millpond Shaw Golf Course Pond Number 1 Shaws Pond
Shiver Millpond Shoe Lake Shulers Pond Sigmon Pond
Stubbs Pond Swan Lake Swan Lake  
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Tank Lake Touchberry Lower Pond Turners Pond  
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Upper Deerwood Lake    
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W J Jackson Pond Weeks Pond West Lake Westbury Lake
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