Neighborhood Weather: Airports near Houston, TX  (Beta)'s Neighborhood Weather feature provides weather information for thousands of local resources for your community, such as parks, airports, schools and churches. You can search our entire database for all or even a specific type of resource within a certain distance from your location. Use the feature to also find and map nearby civil and recreational points of interest.
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William P Hobby (9.6 miles) Skyhaven (13.8 miles) Skyway Manor (14.5 miles) George Bush Intercontinental Arpt-houston (15.1 miles)
Flyin B (16 miles) Ellington Field (16.3 miles) A&a Flying Service (16.8 miles) Houston Airpark (17.6 miles)
Clover Field (18.3 miles) West Houston (19 miles) Houston-southwest (19.1 miles) La Porte Muni (19.1 miles)
Wolfe Air Park (19.7 miles) Sugar Land Muni-hull Field (20.2 miles) Weiser Air Park (20.5 miles) Polly Ranch (21.1 miles)
Dunham Field (22.5 miles) Roeder (22.7 miles) Hoffpauir (23.6 miles) David Wayne Hooks Memorial (23.6 miles)
Rogers (23.6 miles) Ferris (24.3 miles) Alvin Airpark (24.4 miles) King Air (24.5 miles)
Baytown (24.7 miles) Dry Creek (24.7 miles) Bayless (25.3 miles) Houston Gulf (25.8 miles)
Flying F Ranch (25.9 miles) Westheimer Air Park (26.4 miles) Horn-katy Hawk Intl (26.5 miles) May (26.6 miles)
Kami-kazi (26.7 miles) Williams (27.1 miles) J-d Ranch (27.2 miles) Songbird Ranch (27.3 miles)
Harold Freeman Farm (28.2 miles) Diehl Ranch (28.3 miles) Fields Field (28.6 miles) Bb Airpark (28.7 miles)
Heritage Ranch (29 miles) Covey Trails (29.1 miles) Jet Ag Inc (29.1 miles) Cardiff Brothers (29.3 miles)
Sack-o-grande Acroport (29.7 miles) Lane Airpark (29.8 miles) Toy Airpark (29.8 miles) Minard Pegasus (30.3 miles)
Rebel Field (30.4 miles) Gum Island (30.5 miles) Laseair (30.6 miles) Pavlat (30.7 miles)
B & S (Ultralight Airport) (30.9 miles) Green Acres (31 miles) R W J Airpark (31 miles) Seaberg Ranch (31.5 miles)
Air Rice (32.3 miles) Jamison Airstrip (32.4 miles) Meyer Field (32.4 miles) Flying C Ranch (32.5 miles)
Austinia (32.5 miles) Slack (32.5 miles) Jordan Farms (32.8 miles) Garrett Ranch (32.9 miles)
Creasy (33.1 miles) Woods (33.2 miles) Massimiliano Meml Field (33.5 miles) Woods Nr 2 (33.8 miles)
Diamond N Ranch (33.8 miles) Pinoak (33.9 miles) Flyin Tiger (34.6 miles) Old Forker (Ultralight Airport) (34.9 miles)
Fendley (35 miles) Johnnie Volk Field (35 miles) Sport Flyers (35.5 miles) Salaika Aviation (36.1 miles)
H & S Airfield (36.3 miles) Bowers Airpark (37.1 miles) Clover Lake Farms (37.2 miles) Purdy-nielsen Memorial Airpark (37.4 miles)
White Wing Ranch (37.4 miles) Skydive Houston (37.5 miles) Pfeffer & Son Farms (37.9 miles) Cut And Shoot (38.4 miles)
Biggin Hill (38.6 miles) Ward Airpark (38.8 miles) Aviasud Airpark (39.2 miles) Mikeska Field (39.2 miles)
Laas Farm (39.2 miles) Dry Branch Ranch (40 miles) Montgomery County (40.8 miles) Ken Ada Ranch (41 miles)
Greater Houston Soaring Assn (41.3 miles) Bailes (41.4 miles) Chambers County (42 miles) Cameron (42 miles)
Eagle Air (42.1 miles) Clark Sky Ranch (42.1 miles) Lake Bonanza (42.1 miles) Ainsworth (43 miles)
Phillips Corporation (43.1 miles) Pea Patch (43.5 miles) Marmack (43.8 miles) Tri-county Air Service (43.9 miles)
Simaron Ranch (44.9 miles) Longbird (45.2 miles) Liberty Muni (45.4 miles) Brazoria County (45.6 miles)
Scholes Intl At Galveston (45.9 miles) Cleveland Muni (46.2 miles) Soaring Club Of Houston (Gliderport) (46.6 miles) Joseph Ross Scherdin (47.2 miles)
Lake Bay Gall (48.1 miles) Seafood Warehouse Park (48.8 miles) Shanks Ag Strip (49.9 miles) Hempstead (Gliderport) (50 miles), LLC is not responsible for any damages or problems caused by this service. Current weather conditions are obtained from the closest station including government and personal stations which may have varying degrees of accuracy. Weather forecasts are powered by AerisWeather. Like all things, this site belongs to Jesus Christ... He just trusts us to maintain it. If you have any questions or comments email

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